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Peru 2014 Video

This video was made by Gerry Manacsa using some of the photos that he and his wife, Karina Descartin-Manacsa, took on our May 2014 Peruvian medical mission trip. The song that you hear in the background is called 'Hoy Es Tiempo' or 'Now Is The Time' which was really our team mantra. Sometimes we wait and don't recognize the voice of the Lord telling us to go. We wait to serve until after we finish our degree, make more money, have more experience... the list goes on, but sometimes God is calling us to serve here and now regardless of our personal life agenda or circumstance.

This video shows our trip from when we all met for the first time as a team in Atlanta, Georgia, throughout our travel experiences, each of our three medical and dental clinics, and concludes with our decompression time in Lima.

The Lord is good, His love never fails, and His Spirit is hard at work in the Peruvian Amazon!