The Rural Amazonian Health Initiative
The Rural Amazonian Health Initiative
Trip Planning //

Trip Planning

Trip Cost

The cost for our medical mission trips is set roughly at $2,000-$3000 which of course depends almost entirely on the price of the international flight from the United States to Lima, Peru.  Also depends on any additional traveling apart from direct medical care in Iquitos.  We do our best to not raise the price, but if we have to it will only be by a minimal amount.  

Trip Dates

Because a lot of our team members come from all over the United States, we are unable to have regular team meetings. To attempt to counter this, we usually try to have a weekend retreat just prior to our trip or at least a virtual meeting. The trip dates are dependent on cheapest flight times, and on dates which fit best into everyone’s schedules. The dates also depend largely on other teams that are being hosted, as well as the environmental conditions in getting to the desired villages.

You might ask what vaccinations do I need, or what am I supposed to pack? You can see answers to those questions by clicking on their corresponding links.