The Rural Amazonian Health Initiative
The Rural Amazonian Health Initiative
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Peruvian Missionaries

The Peruvian Missionaries that we work directly with operate as an extension of the Wesleyan Church through the Global Partners organization. Our collaboration with them is essential as they are the most important assets of our initiative. Without them, their hearts for the people of Peru, their commitment to the cause of Christ, and their mission and vision for the future of medical missions, the success of our initiative would be futile. They have sacrificed a lot and have given their lives to spread the word of God throughout the rainforest. They respond to personal difficulty as a blessing; acting with courage, heart, intelligence, and cooperation. John 16:33 says "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." These missionaries are some of the only people we know that truly act out God's word and are living examples of how we as Christians should pursue our Creator.

Some of our favorite things that slip into our email inbox are updates about what the Peruvian missionaries are doing throughout the year when we are there and when we are not. It is always a blessing to hear the news of the softening of hearts and the changes that are made as God continues to mold the spiritual landscape of Peru. If you would like to participate in encouraging their work and get those same updates to your personal inbox, click on the linked button below to join the update mailing list.

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Lucy Dahua Inuma

Lucy is a Global Partners missionary that lives in the Amazon Rainforest.  She grew up in the Peruvian jungle which is why the jungle populous lies heavy on her heart.  Alongside the Wesleyan Church in Iquitos, Lucy hosts and coordinates many of our teams.  Each team gets the blessed opportunity to work side by side with her in forming relationships, spreading the Gospel, and in planting churches throughout the jungle.  The spiritual goal she embraces is in fulfilling the Great Commission; a goal she lives out in every aspect of her life.  She is inspirational in her attitude, her outlook, and her desire to meet needs regardless of the personal cost.  Lucy is our Mother Theresa of the Amazon.

Kayleen Rosenquist

Kayleen is the most Peruvian of them all... just kidding.  While not actually Peruvian, we place her in the category of 'Peruvian Missionary' because she spends several months every year serving side by side with Lucy in preparing for teams, spreading the Gospel, and living out God's plan in the Peruvian jungle. Kayleen is a Global Partners' missionary from the Texas-Louisiana District that has a Master's degree in social work and is well known throughout the jungle. We have even encountered a number of little Peruvian niñas (little girls) named Kayleen as she is the godmother of some of those very children. She has been through more than most in trials and tribulations, but escaped victorious with a fire for God that overwhelms her testimony. Definitely a woman we seek to emulate in our own ministry.